Choosing A Mortgage Company

We know it's often hard to figure out which mortgage company to use in applying for a home loan or to refinance an existing home loan. We can direct you to well known, national loan companies sympathetic to those who have worked hard to clean up their credit in preparation for a home loan. We can prepare a mortgage ready credit package to help you get through the loan process more quickly and with less stress.

Vehicle Financing
Getting approved for a vehicle purchase can be difficult and confusing. We can help you determine what type of financing you may be eligible for and where to start in your search for a car loan. We can make referral to dealerships and finance companies that work with newly qualified credit consumers

Rebuilding Credit
Anyone working toward becoming credit worthy will have to apply for credit to demonstrate their ability to handle credit responsibly. We can guide you in selecting credit cards and opening trade lines through our approved resources. These providers send information on your credit history to the credit reporting agencies which can expedite the rise in your credit score, if you handle the privilege responsibly

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Kwik Serve Legal

Here at Kwik Serve Legal, we are dedicated to you and solving your personal and business financial needs.

Our team helps people get the most out of their personal and business resources and sets them up for realizing successful financial outcomes. Our most important win is making you a happy, life-long customer. 

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